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Traffic Impact Studies In A Covid World

Aug 03, 2020

The first half of 2020 has resulted in changes to the way that nearly everyone does business and interacts socially. If you have commuted or traveled during this time, you have experienced the lower traffic volume firsthand. According to TDOT, interstate traffic in the Nashville area was approximately 40% lower during April 2020 than in April 2019, but it was on an upward trend with June 2020 at approximately 20% lower than June 2019. At RaganSmith, we understand that traffic volumes are important for marketing a property and for assessing the impact of a new project in the development process.

It is important to remain flexible and adaptable during this unusual time. For traffic count needs, information related to the statewide and nationwide travel impacts of COVID-19, RaganSmith’s experience and library of previous traffic studies, historical traffic count data from TDOT and local governments, and new technologies such as big data and analytics that use smartphones as sensors to measure mobility or activity on streets can all be used as tools to supplement raw traffic count data that may not be available through conventional or traditional methods during these times.

Brandon Baxter