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Industrial Development's Impact on Middle Tennessee

Nov 17, 2020

Though the COVID pandemic has had significant economic impact across most markets, Nashville’s Industrial Market remains resilient. As people have become accustomed to shopping on their phone and having items left at their door, industrial distribution centers have been on the rise. This is certainly the case with the lifestyle of today’s Nashvillian. With thousands flocking to the metropolitan area yearly, it’s no wonder Nashville is booming! New corporations are setting their sights on Tennessee and thousands of jobs are rapidly flowing into the regional economy, bringing along a welcomed economic boost. Industrial development has become a catalyst for serving the needs of this population growth.

With Amazon moving into Nashville Yards and Project Sam, serious growth is guaranteed for the Middle Tennessee region in the coming year. This impact will only compound over the next decade since projects of this caliber are envisioned with long term growth initiatives in mind. The economic reach of these projects spans much further than their footprint. When corporations of this magnitude begin operating in new locations, they attract investments throughout the surrounding areas as well.

The industrial sector is attracted to Middle Tennessee due to its central location, quality workforce, positive business practices, and tax friendly climate. Our economy and infrastructure are favorably aligned with smart business, which continues to attract new corporations both nationally and globally. This attraction will expand the regional footprint of Nashville for many years to come.

Caleb Thorne

Vice President