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"Ever wonder how you can order something online and it’s on your porch in 2 hours? 3.6 million sf distribution centers, that’s how."


Mt. Juliet, TN

More than just laying the groundwork.

How different is our world today? Where we live, where we work, our entertainment options, and where we shop are all very different than in 2019. Our digital options have changed our lifestyle and the dynamics of our future. Modern infrastructure must be developed to support this new way of life. 



RaganSmith led the coordination process to rezone this 80-acre property to Industrial Restrictive PUD (IR-PUD) through a Preliminary Master Development Plan to allow the construction of a 3.6 million square feet office and warehouse; a distribution center sized to address the region’s web-based retail needs. E-Commerce has completely changed the economic impact a facility of this magnitude can have on a region’s viability.  

In addition to the rezoning, RaganSmith provided site survey, mass grading plan, final master development plan, site plan, construction documents, landscape plan, offsite roadway improvement signal plan, offsite sanitary sewer plan, final plat recording, and permitting coordination. 

Project goals and objectives achieved. Schedule completed in record time. No one quite gets it done like we do.

project leads

Brandon Baxter


Scotty Bernick

Vice President

Evan Foster

Project Manager

Tiffany Giordano

Transportation Engineer

Lee Horn

Project Manager

Matt Lackey


Kevin Birdwell

Principal Associate