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RaganSmith provided engineering services for One Riverside, a new 328-unit multi-family residential development on a 20-acre brownfield site on Riverfront Parkway in Chattanooga. This project was designed in coordination with the proposed Central Avenue extension which will pass through this site, bringing more traffic and enhanced connectivity to the Erlanger/UTC/Downtown areas.



The former Cannon site had six legacy industrial buildings totaling approximately 130,000 square feet which were demolished. The grading scheme was designed to incorporate recycled masonry and concrete from the demolished buildings into fill for five apartment buildings and 130,000 square feet of paved surfaces.

The site involved approximately 100,000 CY of earth cut and fill (which had to remain on-site due to its “brownfield” status), 2,600 LF of water mains, 640 LF of sanitary sewer lines, a storm drainage collection system, and several bioretention areas.