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Kevin Guenther


Principal Associate

Kevin joined RaganSmith in 2013.
He holds a BS in Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University.

Kevin Guenther's 30 plus years of experience in design and management covers a broad range of private and public sector projects including accomplishments in comprehensive land planning, parks and recreation, and public open space, amenities, and site design. Kevin has developed good knowledge of the state agency programs that can assist with local community planning and development. He provides skilled experience in team collaboration and communication between design disciplines, and he understands the value in good client communication and alliance with other team member to meet specific project challenges and to see a project through to completion.

Kevin enjoys all things outdoors including the opportunity to hike, bike and paddle throughout the beautiful state of Tennessee and beyond. This has taught him to see life as a journey.

Little Known Fact

Kevin has had the opportunity to help local communities design, plant and grow sustainable agriculture projects in five different countries and on three different continents. In the process he has become quite a tomato connoisseur.


“When you come to a fork in the road, take it” – Yogi Berra

key projects

Columbia West 7th Street Corridor Improvements

Murfreesboro Future Land Use Map and Land Use Study

Columbia Art District Master Plan

Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Murfreesboro Downtown Planning Studies

Lowry Street Corridor Revitalization Plan

Northwest Georgia Bikeways and Trails: Planning Multiuse Routes