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Alan Thompson



Alan joined RaganSmith in 1993.
He holds a BS in Landscape Architecture
from the University of Georgia.

Our CMO, Alan Thompson, recently transitioned from his Landscape Architect role to leading RaganSmith’s Marketing and Business Development efforts. In addition to being the face of RaganSmith in the community, he has deep expertise in land development consulting. This experience includes urban planning, zoning entitlements, landscape design, sustainable site design, zoning ordinance development, and land planning. However, his experience does not include checking email.

Getting ahold of Alan is the hard part. There is no chance you will find him in his office. You will most likely catch him at the coffee pot, in a meeting, or at an event for one of the several organizations in which he is involved. Your best bet is to call his mobile.

If, by chance, you just happen to see him, try not to startle him. Record the time and place of your sighting, and contact our office to let us know where he is. 

Little Known Fact

Alan met his wife recruiting at the girls dorms for an all-girls intramural football team.


Make it a Good Day. Don’t allow it to unfold on its own."

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Dowell Springs

Murfreesboro Gateway

Franklin Summit

Marble Alley