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State Route 27 provided pedestrian improvements within the City and includes removal and reconstruction of new sidewalk along SR-27 (Rossville Boulevard) between East 48th Street and the State line just north of West Gordon Avenue. The project included demolition and construction of concrete sidewalk, ADA improvements, construction of tree wells and planting, re-striping of the roadway to provide narrower travel lanes, bike lanes and on-street parallel parking and the construction of new street lighting.

State Route 58 included approximately 6,200 L.F. of sidewalk or greenway type path in various forms including improvements on Oakwood Drive and Jersey Pike. In addition to the multi-use path, the project incorporated bioswales and rain garden features to add water quality to the overall project goals and also adds a pocket park for aesthetic and community enhancement. Additional CEI elements included coordination and management of construction adjacent to two churches and Post office each of which is subject to extremely high traffic peaks and demanding access requirements.


Chattanooga, TN

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