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Landscape Architect / Project Manager

What RaganSmith is all about:

RaganSmith is a Tennessee-based multi-disciplined design firm that takes pride in looking at every project a little differently. Our consultants are consistently challenged to creatively think outside the box to offer our clients unique solutions that help them deliver their projects more effectively and efficiently. Our clients think we’re awesome because we aren’t just engineers, designers, and planners; we are project curators that strive to offer boutique-styled customer service in conjunction with practice excellence.

Who we’re looking for:

Currently, RaganSmith desires to further expand its award winning, rapidly growing LA team and is seeking an experienced Landscape Architect / Project Manager that aligns with our culture and approach. The right candidate should have a portfolio of land development projects (public or private) that they have led and exhibit the acumen to manage multiple projects, clients, and team members concurrently.

RaganSmith will be for you if you…

Have enough experience to be the “master of your domain.” Not all experience is the same, so we don’t hire and promote simply based on the number of years you have been working, but our project managers are expected to understand all aspects of land development and design from concept to construction. Most of our project managers have a licensed credential (RLA/AICP) and at least 10 years of experience, but years of experience alone is not viewed as the key credential for this position.

Enjoy variety in your day-to-day responsibilities. “All Hands on Deck” is a pillar of our culture and therefore we need professionals who are agile and flexible and able to adapt to serve a wide array of clients and projects.

Love solving problems and are further energized by finding a better solution than your peers. Our goal is to not only provide solutions to our clients, but to provide them better solutions than our competitors. Simply put, “Good enough” is not the way we like to operate.

Become slightly peeved when someone has a typo in their PowerPoint presentation. To err is human, but to err and not fix it is just not our style at RaganSmith. Sweating the details is a necessity because our clients often don’t have the time to.

Maintain moxie and poise in a fast-paced, autonomous environment. The professionals who succeed at RaganSmith are self-starters, appreciate independence, and seek out new responsibilities without being asked to do so.

Consider yourself an AutoCAD Civil 3-D maven. Though project managers aren’t expected to be heavy production workers, their knowledge and expertise in CAD is an important part of their ability to train, interact with, and manage their staff.

Understand when and why to “reply all.” For technically-minded professionals, communication can occasionally be a challenge, but for our consultants communication skills often become a key differentiator that helps them shine in our organization.

Embrace that the sum of any team should be better than the individual parts. Because our clients have high expectations of RaganSmith, we have high expectations of our consultants. Our project teams are built to foster collaboration and synergy and therefore teamwork is crucial to success at RaganSmith.

Approach work with a “work hard, play hard” mindset. RaganSmith’s consultants thrive because we expect and understand that a well-balanced life is critical to performing optimally. If you purely work-to-live, RaganSmith might not be your best fit, but we also certainly don’t expect you to live-to-work either.

If you think you’re still interested:

Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with the individual’s experience. RaganSmith provides competitive employee benefits including health, dental, vision, short/long term disability, long term care, telemedicine, and ID theft insurance, 401(k) and profit-sharing, bonuses, comp time, and a flexible work opportunity.

RaganSmith is a well-established, privately held firm with over 150 employees. The culture of our organization starts with a team/family orientation, and our success is derived from the effort and care provided by our team members. Our staff of talented professionals strives to complete our work with expertise, professionalism, and integrity entrusted to us by our clients.

RaganSmith is an equal opportunity employer recognizing the value of a diverse workforce. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, and/or protected veteran status in accordance with governing laws.

Founded in 1933, RaganSmith is a multi-disciplined consulting firm with a reputation for excellent work, reliable professionals, and dependable service. We specialize in land planning, civil engineering, surveying, landscape architecture, sustainable design, and construction administration. Our clients are both Public and Private and our projects are diverse and complex. With offices in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Chattanooga, our goal is always to utilize our broad range of expertise to produce the best projects for our clients by seeking to advocate sound design practice. Our culture encourages professional growth and pursuit of an individual’s passion in order to elevate future leaders in the industry for the betterment of our community.

RaganSmith takes great pride in setting a standard of excellence as a consulting firm. Our focus on each project remains until we meet the expectations of our client and achieve our own standard of excellence.

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